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Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer


Nozzle type vacuum sealer carries out vacuum and gas flushing using the nozzle to suck air directly out of the bag. There are electric motor driven model and air driven model. The application includes protection of packed goods from decomposition, oxidation, discoloration, foreign material and external germ.


Press MODE button on the controller. Then, the user can select a mode among the below.
  • 1) S Mode: Sealing
  • 2) V Mode: Vacuum -> Sealing
  • 3) M1~M5 Mode: Gas means gas flushing.
    • (1) Vacuum -> Sealing
    • (2) Gas flushing -> Sealing
    • (3) Gas flushing -> Vacuum -> Sealing
    • (4) Vacuum -> Gas flushing -> Sealing
    • (5) Set and use among vacuum 4 times gas flushing 3 times sealing 1 time cooling 1 time as the user likes. Set any unnecessary work at 0     then it is skipped.


  • 1) V/T(VACUUM/TIME )
    • This button is to select whether you control vacuum procedure by time or by vacuum degree. With each pressing on the button, V and T switch. (V means Vacuum degree (0~90 Kpa) while T means vacuum time (by 1 sec).
      * V mode is used a lot for packing of semi-conductor, metal product and food without water.
      * T mode is used for packing of watery product or powder.
  • 2) SET
    • Press more than 3 sec. Then, Vacuum(vacuum degree) / Vacuum time(time), Gas flushing (gas) time, Sealing(sealing) time and Cooling(cooling)time appear on LED screen according to the selected mode. Press LEFT/RIGHT button to select among the above and use UP/DOWN button to increase/decrease the set value.
    • This is to select the item appeared on LED screen according to the already selected mode.
  • 4) UP/DOWN
    • This is to increase/decrease the set value of vacuum degree, vacuum time, gas flushing time, sealing time and cooling time.
  • 5) ENTER
    • After deciding set values at selected mode and item, press ENTER button. Then, set values are saved and the machine is moved on the workable state.
  • 6) STOP
    • This is to stop the machine’s operation
  • 7) M1~M5, V/S
    • * M1~M5 can set vacuum 4 times, gas flushing 3 times respectively. Set any unnecessary work at 0 then it is skipped.
      * V/S : V - vacuum sealing cooling,
                S - sealing cooling
      With pressing V/S button, V and S switch.
      * Gas must be bought separately This machine needs gas hose with the inner diameter of 6.5ø.
  • 8) COUNT - Press this more than 3 sec. to set
    • It increases with each packing and is shown on the upper right of LED screen. Press the button to set the required packing times number. Then, when it is reached, the alarm rings.
  • 9) Precision vacuum sensor built in.
    • It enables same vacuum result for each packing.
  • 10) AUTO - Press this more than 3 sec. to set
    • Press this button. Then, the nozzle moves forward automatically after one packing cycle. Press STOP button and press this button. Then, the nozzle moves forward with one pressing foot switch after one packing cycle. [It is shown on the lower left side of LED screen as an(auto nozzle) or mn(manual nozzle)
  • 11) KEY(Key lock/unlock)
    • This is to lock/unlock the set value. The detail of use of this button is informed to the specified administrator and the person in charge of the work.
  • 12) EMG(Emergency button - This is option for motor driven model)
    • For air driven model, it is attached on the right side of the controller.
      For electric motor driven model, STOP button replace it.
  • 13) Operation/ State Lamp
    • Left is green and for input. Right is red and for output.
  • 14) Middle side of LED screen(Second and Third line)
    • The second line is to show WSPACK name. The third line is to show packing process to do and any cause of malfunction.
  • 15) TEMP(Temperature button) - Press this more than 3 sec. to set (This function is the option for all model)
    • This is to measure the temperature between outer teflon sheets during the sealing time and show on the lower right side of LED screen.
      * Set the max. sealing temperature according to the goods type to pack..
      * This machine's max. sealing temperature available to set is 250ºC .